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           Aucoin Claims Service, Inc. is a full service loss prevention and claims management company which has been in business since December 1993.  Aucoin Claims Service, Inc. was formed for the purpose of assisting operating companies and their underwriters in preventing and containing losses in a cost efficient manner.  It is equipped and staffed to assist in preventing claims and, through prompt investigating and adjusting, strives to keep routine as well as catastrophic casualties from becoming involved in costly litigation.  To meet these goals, Aucoin Claims Service's representatives are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Our telephones are monitored on a twenty-four hour basis allowing immediate contact with its claims representatives.


            When a notice of loss from the operator is received, Aucoin Claims will, when necessary, commence a prompt investigation of the casualty, thus beginning the adjusting and loss control process on a timely basis.  Because of the experience of its claims representatives, Aucoin Claims is able to identify potential areas of liability in personal injury and property damage claims.  Prompt notice of the claim and early investigation of the casualty will also provide an opportunity to identify third party involvement, with the potential of minimizing exposure to the operator and its underwriters.

Personal Injury

            In most cases, prompt notice should allow us to make contact, if appropriate, with the claimant within twenty-four hours of the casualty, both to obtain and provide information that may assist in controlling the claim.   It is our view that direct communication with the potential claimant, commencing soon after injury and continuing as needed, will produce a better opportunity to avoid costly litigation.

            It is our philosophy that a potential claim should be investigated at the earliest possible opportunity, including obtaining pertinent information, documentation, statements from witnesses, and photographs when necessary.   Experience has shown that a proactive approach usually yields the most accurate and valuable information at the onset of a claim.  In most cases this approach has proven to be cost efficient to the assured and the underwriters because witnesses and information are more readily accessible.  

            In cases where the legitimacy of a particular claim is questionable, we will vigorously investigate all facts surrounding the circumstances to best posture the claim for an early and amicable resolution.  If the claim necessitates being referred to legal counsel, we will, at the direction of underwriters, be available to assist legal counsel and underwriters with the defense of the claim.

            Where claims of Jones Act seaman are involved, we will work with the assured, its brokers and underwriters to ensure that prompt and proper maintenance and cure benefits are paid to eliminate the potential of greater exposure.

           Property Damage

            Property damage claims, like those for any other casualty, require a thorough investigation that has the goal of identifying and contacting the witnesses, and obtaining complete information from the sources available.  The importance of an accurate evaluation of both liability and damages necessitates a timely investigation tailored to the needs of the claim.

            With its experience in collision and allision claims, and its ready access to sources of information and service, the staff of Aucoin Claims is prepared to gather all needed information quickly.  After investigating the casualty, we will consult with the operator and its underwriters, as appropriate, in an effort to adjust the loss, and are prepared to advise the operator on reporting procedures required by the Coast Guard and other governmental agencies.  


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